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Zainab Indomie Biography, Net Worth Age, History, Career


Zainab Indomie Biography

Zainab Abdullahi is her real name but widely and fondly known as Zainab Indomie. She is a Sudanese national and talented Kannywood actress.
She was born on May 17, 1996 in Abuja. Zainab had her up-bringing in Abuja but hails from Sudan.

Educational Background
Zainab holds a Diploma in Computer Science.

Zainab Indomie Acting Career

Zainab joined the Kannywood industry in 2008 at a young age and has since remained prominent in the industry.
She has so far starred in several hit Kannywood movies, some of which include:

    • Wali-Jam
    • Ali
    • Garinmu Da Zafi
    • Rai Dai
    • Raliya
    • Romeo da Jamila
    • Sani Nake So
    • Son Mai So
    • Zuri’a
    • Yar Agadez
    • Adon Gari
    • Bana Bakwai
    • Bilal
    • Fataken Dare
    • Hadizalo
    • Ina Nan
    • Kundin Tsari among numerous others.

Zainab is such a beautiful, creative and amazingly talented Kannywood star gifted in the interpretation of roles in movies.

She has been widely described as one of the pillars of Kannywood who has made a big name for herself which makes her stands out among her contemporaries in the industry.

Zainab left acting for a while and made a comeback after about 5 years break.

Zainab’s absence generated lots of controversies on social media ranging from rumour of death to leg amputation and others. She has since denied all that rumours.

Speaking on the talented actress, Kannywood Prince, Adam Zango reintroduced her as a Queen of his music and film company, White House Family.

Zainab Indomie Personal Life

Zainab Indomie’s marital affairs are not known. She is however believed to be in a relationship which she keeps top secret from the public and social media.

Zainab Indomie Her Net Worth

Zainab Indomie is one of the richest and most influential Kannywood actresses with an estimated net worth of about $250,000 dollars.

Zainab is very active on social media with large fan base. You can reach her on:
Instagram @official_zainab_indomie
Facebook – Zainab Indomie