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List Of Major Tribes In Kwara State


List Of Major Tribes In Kwara State

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Kwara State Tribes

Kwara state is located in North Central Region in Nigeria , the state is known as ‘ The State of
’ on account of the peaceful relations
that exist among its multicultural and diverse
population of about 2.5 million people.
The original name for Kwara State was West Central
State but it was eventually changed to Kwara

[ Nigeria Map Showing Kwara State Location ]

Kwara state shared boarder with Niger State , Kogi state , Oyo state , Osun state and Ekiti state .

The name “ Kwara ” is derived from the Nupe word for the River Niger.
The River Niger flows
through Jebba, Edu and Patigi LGAs of the
state from Niger State to Kogi State .

List Of Tribes In Kwara State

Kwara State Tribes


    [ Nupe People ]

    The Nupe tribe is a popular and influential tribe
    in the middle belt region of Nigeria ( North Central ).

    More often than not,
    the people of Nupe are mistaken for Yorubas.
    This predominantly Muslim tribe has a lot in
    common with the Yorubas and Hausas .

    The Nupe people are one of the Kwara state tribes, they farm and trade for a living, some of them who live at bank of River Niger are fisher men.

    Nupe can be found in Niger State , Kwara state
    , Kogi state and FCT Abuja .
    They have sub-tribes languages under them
    namely : Kakanda , Dibo , Kupa , Bassan Nge
    and Abawa .

    All the tribes mention above has thesame
    linking history and cultural identity, they use
    thesame cultural dressing as their native
    cultural dressing during ceremonies in Kin Nupe


    [ Fulani People ]

    They constitute the major ethnic group found in
    the Ilorin capital of Kwara state. Although it is
    true that almost all of them speak Yoruba and
    not Fulfulde, we cannot deny their Fulani

    This is not to say all the indigenous people of
    Ilorin are Fulanis but that most of them are
    ethnically of Fulani descent.

    It is also believed
    that there are also some (of the Afonja stock)
    that are of Oyo-Yoruba descent. Other than this,
    there are true Fulanis who can speak Fulani that
    are present in Ilorin.

    They occupy Kwara Central alongside ethnic
    Nupes. They are known to be farmers most
    especially rearing of cattles as they are known for.


    [ Ogori People ]

    The Ogori tribes are located in the
    southwestern area of Nigeria and they are also part of Kwara state tribes . Although little is
    known concerning the specific lifestyle and
    culture of the Ogori.

    Like most other peoples in this part of Nigeria,
    the Ogori tribe are subsistence farmers,
    growing millet, maize, guinea corn, and beans.
    They also rear animals such as goats, sheep,
    chickens, dogs, and horses. Goats, sheep, and
    chickens are eaten, along with monkey and
    iguana, which is a delicacy.

    Oko is believed to be the local language of the
    Ogori tribe.
    It is believed that nearly all are ethnic
    religionists, still practising their tribal religion.


    [ Yoruba People ]

    The Yoruba tribe in Kwara state is one of the
    major tribes in this state. This group of people
    are just like the Yorubas in other states. As a
    result of the large population of Yorubas living
    in Kwara state.

    Due to the fact that the Yorubas in Kwara were
    conquered by the Fulanis in pre-colonial days,
    these people are predominantly Muslims.
    Farming and trading are the major occupations
    of thus people. Meals are made from yam flour
    (elubo) and vegetable (efo).

    This state is not purely Yoruba state.
    But the Yoruba people in Kwara state make up to about 60% of the total population of the state.
    They are in control of
    the economy and the political seats of Kwara

    Did we do justice to these tribes? Do you have
    more information about the tribes here in Kwara
    state and would like to share them with us?
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