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How To Creat Entertainment Site On Xtgem Platform

How To Creat Entertainment Site On Xtgem Platform

How to creat entertainment and download portal on xtgem platform

Xtgem platform is a visual mobile wapsite builder , xtgem platform have both Downloading portal and blog but when you creat new xtgem website , it is Automatically blog website but you can change it to downloading website if you like , xtgem support many types of features and you can also upload any types of format on xtgem platform e.g xtgem support mp3 , xtgem support mp4 , xtgem support 3gp , xtgem support xml , xtgem support html , xtgem support apk , xtgem support png , xtgem support gif , xtgem support jar , xtgem support doc , xtgem pdf , xtgem support 3ggp , xtgem support rar files , xtgem support zip files , xtgem support all e-book files.., infact xtgem support all types of files format.

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But the sad news is xtgem doesn’t have large upload limit , you cannot be able to upload large files on xtgem , xtgem file upload limit at 2MB , that’s why many wapmaster that prefer dowmloading portal don’t use xtgem , because when you creat new website on xtgem , you can only upload upload files below 2MB on xtgem website.

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Before you creat your website on xtgem platform , i will like to tell you the problems or disadvantages of xtgem platform which are:

1. Xtgem Server Error Problem.
2. Upload Limit At 5MB Only!.
3. Sometimes You Can’t Get Access To Your Xtgem Website.
4. Xtgem doesn’t have where you can upload theme or template , you can design it by your self, and that’s westing of time.
5. Xtgem Doesn’t Have HTTPS Server , It Only Has HTTP, which is usecure.
6. Xtgem Website Use Tab Under Ads In Your Website , Which You Can’t Be Able To Get Rid Of It Or Block It.

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If you still prefer Xtgem wapsite, there is a way you can increase the upload limit size of your xtgem website from 2MB to 5MB but xtgem will be showing Interstitial Ads before any user download Any file on your xtgem wapsite.

CLICK: Here To Sign Up For Entertainment Website On Xtgem Platform

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If you don’t know how to sign up then look below pictures…

how to creat entertainment website on xtgem step 1
Input your Email address, 6 minimum password, then click recaptcha, Sometime the recaptcha can ask you to select some picture before you proceed, then put the name you prefer to use on your website, e.g Wapnupe, then proceed.

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How to creat entertainment website on xtgem website step 2
On the first text area, input the Title of the home page of your xtgem website, then click CONFIRM,

How to creat entertainment website on xtgem website step 3
Select the color you like.

How to Sign up on xtgem platform for download portal step 4
How to Buid download wapsite on xtg platform step 5
If you don’t like the template they show for you then click Next, there are many templates on xtgem platforn but If you are OK with the template they provide for you then click CONFIRM & CUSTOMIZE TEMPLATE

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After you have already sign up then visit the website, your xtgem website will looks like below this picture.
How your new xtgem will looks like, if you created it new

Now it’s time to change the design of your xtgem wapsite, if you prefer writing only article on your xtgem wapsite, then don’t delete any code, just add some advance css and html code to it in other to rebuild it to make make it more attractive to users, but if you prefer entertaiment site on your xtgem or you prefer download portal on your xtgem website, then you must change or delete some codes in other to change the appearance of your xtgem website.

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How To Design Your Xtgem Website For Entertainment Or Download Portal

If you are new on Xtgem platform, Read this post carefully, if not you won’t understand, Now Login to your xtgem site Here then navigate to FILE BROWSER then click it, on file browser you can see the list of pages that has already been created on your xtgem website, a home page is call Index, This index is where all the contents of your site will appear when someone visit your site, there is also a pages which are Header and Footer, header is where your logo and description will appear, and the footer is where you can add your Privacy Policy, About Us, Disclaimer, Contact us, etc…

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Now delete the pages name, Blog, About Me, then enter the header page of your xtgem website, after all the codes of your xtgem header appear then delete all the codes and left Add blocks…

After you have deleted the codes then copy below code and paste it at one of the Add block on the header of your xtgem wapsite.

After you have added header code on your xtgem, you need to add Footer code again in other to make it more attractive.

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