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How To Add Footer Code On Xtgem Website And Other Pages

How To Add Footer Code On Xtgem Website

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Footer Code For Xtgem Wapsite

Now that you have already added the header, it’s to add footer code to your xtgem wapsite.

Login to your xtgem Cpanel and go to FILE BROWSER of your xtgem again, enter Footer, then click the Add Block, scroll down to where they wrote Code, Copy and past below codes on the footer of your xtgem wapsite, before you you save it, check where i put my name Aliyu Ndagi, change it to your name and save it.., honestly it’s very easy to design xtgem but when you are new on xtgem platform, it’s very difficult to understanb because xtgem is different from Wapka and Wapkiz.

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How To Creat Pages On Xtgem Website

Now it’s time to creat pages on your xtgem wapsite, go to FILE BROWSER, click Creat File, then this is where you can creat pages for xtgem wapsite, Each page you are creating should start from Capital latter, if you miss any letter of the pages that appear on the website, your xtgem new page will give you Error text.

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NOTE: Creat the pages the way you see it on your website, example if the page on your site appear with Capital latter, if you are creating your page make sure you start with capital latter if not, you will get Page ERROR Text, You can also creat other page that wasn’t on the site, if you found any problem by using the above code or editing it, comment on comment section for your problem…

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How To Add Footer Script On Xtgem Website