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How To Add Filelist Code For Downloading On Xtgem Platform

How To Put Filelist Code on Xtgem Platform

If you are looking for Xtgem Filelist code then read this carefully, i know before you land on this page, you have already created your Site on Xtgem platform, Anybody who want to have automatical Download Files on xtgem must have what we call filelist code on xtgem website, there are Defult xtgem filelist code on xtgem forum but that one is not well form, if you use it your xtgem website will looks newbie, so you have to use the one that will make your xtgem site to looks more attractive to the users, if you can’t find the xtgem download page online or the one you see is not working or the code has crash, then you can get the fresh code here.

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How To Put Filelist Code On Xtgem Platform

1. Login to your xtgem site Here and navigate to FILE BROWSER, then Click it.

2. Select the Page you want to put the Filelist code, if you haven’t creat any page, then Select index, but it’s better you creat new pages so you can use the filelist code on any page you like, e.g Video, Music, Image, etc.

3. Click on anywhere you see Add block.

4. Scroll down and click on CODE

5. Click on Code and new page will appear then Copy and Past below code on the section, before you save it, check the code and edit it, you will see where i wrote ***** , change it to the name of folder you have uploaded your files then save it.

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Filelist Code For Xtgem Platform

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That’s all, your xtgem website will have advance Filelist, you can also change how many files can appear on the fileslist by editing the code, the defult number i put is 10 but you can change it to the number you like, navigate to where you put the filelist code and edit it, you can see something like this Per_Page=”10″ , change the 10 to any number you like.

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Xtgem File List Code