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Download Nupe fish wallpaper with tropical fish swimming in freshwater and marine tanks, Nupe fish wallpaper is the first Nupe wallpaper application in Nupe land (Kin-Nupe), you can also customize Nupe wallpaper animated aquarium background images and now you have transformed your mobile phone screen into one of the most realistic virtual fish aquarium screensavers.
Free downloads are available for all Android Phones from V4. Upward.

Nupe fish wallpaper features the many beautiful images of tropical fish moving among animated aquarium backgrounds images including the Muddy background image, Pebble background image, Yello Soil background image, Pavement background image, Forest Soil image and Sandy background image.

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With free Nupe fish water wallpaper background, you can now have an illusion of a real aquarium without the worry of taking care of the fish. You never have to watch the same 3D aquarium screensaver twice! Underwater environment is completely different, all the fishes and bubbles are calculated every time in 3D.

Nupe Fish Wallpaper Settings Nupe Fish Wallpaper Menu Nupe Fish Wallpaper Background Images

1. Nupe fish wallpaper has 6 beautiful background images.
2. Nupe Fish Wallpaper has floating plants, this means leaves will be droping on your mobile phone screen.
3. Nupe Wallpaper has Reflection future that will enable your mobile phone screen should looks like mirror when the wallpaper is set.
4. Nupe fish wallpaper has gravity sensor which means when ever you shake your mobile phone, the water will be also shaking.
5. Nupe fish wallpaper animation has raining day future that will enable the App to be droping rains on your mobile screen.
6. Nupe fish wallpaper has home screen panning and manual panning futures.

With multiple options, you can choose from a wide range saltwater and freshwater tanks, adjust a number of tropical fish and way they swim in the screensaver. Animated underwater backgrounds and lights, together with the free floating bubbles and soothing underwater sounds (one sea surf sound, and one bubbling water sound), create the perfect atmosphere for social and romantic occasions or simply while relaxing at home.