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Tribute To Justice Dr. Shaikh Alhaji Ahmad Lemu OFR

THE MIGHTY SHAIKH (Tribute to Late Justice Alhaji Shaikh Ahmad Lemu OFR) – By Muhammad Awwal Zakari

I know of a Man; Superman; Super-father; Super-grandfather; Super-in-soul; Super-in-action; Super-in-faith; Justice Dr. Alhaji Shaikh Ahmad Lemu OFR, who met his Maker on the 24th December, 2020. He has done so much for the Human Community. He did his best and made no attempt to leave the rest.

He touched the lives of many all his days, positively. Even after his demise, many and I inclusively, felt and will continue to feel his gentle touch on them. His lifetime is a book of value that is unputdownable and sweet memoirs that is indelible and as such we believed even death will finds it difficult to erase it from us. Baba Shaikh Lemu, your death came, the exact copy of the death of a father. And the death of a father is a huge loss to the family. In this regard, family meant the entire Muslim World in general. How I wish you’ve not left so soon.

How I wish your life is still here, young and vibrant to execute in continuance, thousands of ideas in you of “building bridges”. You’ve built bridges, a million bridges on this earth and in our heart for us to pass through it and arrive at mirth. Ouch! Death is inevitable and sadly, part of life. Death picked you! Shaikh Lemu was a role model; my role model and a model to our role models. As an inspired student of his teachings, I’d say Life is different without him. For he was a cooling shade that gives cheers and salvos to Humanity. He is a mighty Water inhabitting lovely fishes. Shaikh Lemu lived for Humanity and Islam.

A Peace-loving human. He took bold steps towards the advancement of Child education, Peace-building, and Da’awah and Dialogue. Shaikh Lemu once said: “I like to be a simple person. I said to myself in December, 1969 that I will retire in order to face Da’awah (Calling people to Islamic monotheism) and problems going on in Nigeria, between Muslims and Christians in particular. I was able to see, feel love and understand the real problem facing not only Nigeria but also the universal Muslim World. I made up my mind to solve problems facing not only Nigeria but also the entire Muslim World. I must mobilize people, simplify the the knowledge of the true teachings of Islam, the practice of Islam and how to benefit humankind and humanity to live peacefully.

Without this, you cannot progress”. That’s the real visionary Shaikh Lemu. And by Allah’s grace, he was able to achieve his aims together with Hajiya Aisha Bridget Lemu and Alhaji Sani Ashafa Sulaiman (both of them are now Late). Islamic Education Trust; what a remarkable achievement for the trio! May their gentle soul rest in Jannatul Firdaws.

Under his able leadership and trusteeship, Islamic Education Trust (IET) which stretches it adventurous roots from Nigeria to the cosmos, became a great contributory eye and body on humanitarian issues, helping to improve the lives of common people; the poor, the orphans and widows, and mostly the elevation of Islam; the religion of Peace. The Da’awah Institute of Nigeria (DIN) and the Development Initiative of West Africa (DIWA) are the two brainchilds’ borned of IET.

‘Bulding bridges’, IET, DIN and DIWA, were under Shaikh’s watch, able to develop resources and methods for the dissemination and application of the correct message of Islam. Allah be praised! Dear Shaikh, you are indeed, a true hero. The Legacy you’ve left behind is what made majority of people, what and who they are today and keeps them attaining greater heights. May you also attain greater height in paradise.

Alhamdulillah, I undergo Islamic Citizenship and Leadership Course (Weekend School)) under your leadership at IET, Minna (National Headquarter). May Allah grant you in bumper rewards. You came on the wings of December, 1929, colored the  sky and left on the 23rd flight of December, 2020. You shall forever be remembered. Adieu ‘Baba’ Shaikh Lemu.

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AUTHOR: Muhammad Awwal Zakari

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