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Top 5 Best Ad Networks In Nigeria

Top 5 best ad networks in Nigeria For Bloggers And Advertisers

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Top 5 best ad network for bloggers in Nigeria

Top 5 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers In Nigeria
The list below are top 5 ads network in Nigeria for bloggers, since the dream of every blogger is to earn money online with his Site/Blog and the easiest way to do so is by monetizing your website with ads network, there are many ads network in Nigeria and globally, all thought the best high paying Ads networks out there are Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolink, Adskeeper, Adcash, Taboola, Exponential and because of their high CPM and CPC rates. they are offering.

There are many new Nigerian bloggers that finds it very difficult to get approved by Google Adsense and and other Top paying ads network because they don’t meet their requirements for approval, and if you didn’t meet their requirement even if you continue to Apply 100 Times they will still Disapprove you.

Among the requirements for approval for most of these Ads networks is:
1. Minimum traffic of atleast 300 Daily View.
2. Have Quality content on your blog, don’t do copy and past.
3. Don’t post hacking, drug, illegal, caption and porn content on your blog.
4. Remove other ad network on your blog before applying to Adsense.

There are also other good ads that can approve new bloggers fast, if you are new blogger and your site dosn’t meet Adsense and other top paying ads requirment, if you have atleast 20 Post on your blog and low traffic, you can use Propellerads ad Network, Yllix ad Network and Chitika ad Network, but the problem now is their earning statistic is very low if you are not getting US, Uk and Canada traffic, and the other problem is how to cash out your earning, some of these ad networks i mention above doesn’t support Bank Payment they only pay via Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, and others, and Paypal have banned Nigeria from using Personal account, so it’s difficult to get your earning back to Nigeria Banks, that’s why we suggest you to use Nigeria ad Network.

Below are the Top 5 Best Ad networks for Bloggers in Nigeria, if you really want to monetize your site with them

1. Adquet

2. Ngadvert

3. AlternativeAdvert

4. Dochase

5. Afriadvert

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Top 5 best ad network for bloggers in Nigeria


Adquet is the Best ad Network in Nigeria, Adquet ad network are so friendly to use as a new bloggger, Adquet doesn’t banned pulishers any how but if you click the Ads by your self they can easily Banned your Account,Adquet also seems as scammer for some Publishers because they dilay on Approving Sites and they also delay on Payment..

Adquet ad Network is one of the best paying ad network in Nigeria which provide good CPM (Cost Per Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click) ads for publishers. Adquet Ad network pay Pulishers as high as #10 Naira per click on ads and Per thousand impressions on ads and lowest of #3 Naira For Clicks and thousand impressions, many publishers and advertisers has benefited alot from this ad network.

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No minimum traffic requirement on Adquet which makes it good for new bloggers, Adquet accept sub-domains websites E.g www.nupebaze.blogspot.com, Adquet provide text, image and banner ads of different sizes for publishera, Adquet has low minimum payout threshold of #2500 Naira which is good for low traffic bloggers, once you reach their threshold then you can cashout your earning.
Adquet payment method: Paypal, Check, and Wire, High CPM and CPC rates up to #100Accept all Niches and Language Sites.



Top 5 best ad network for bloggers in Nigeria, Ng Adverts

Ngadverts is the 2nd best ad network in Nigeria and it provides CPA, CPC and CPM ads with very high rates. NG Adverts is an online ad network where advertisers can advertise their product to their target customer and publishers can monetize their traffic.

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Advertisers just need to creat and submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using NG Adverts advertiser accounts section, Publishers need to generate ad codes of desired dimensions using NGAdverts publisher account. Ad selling and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated NGAdverts platform, NgAdverts have a very fast approval process and no minimum traffic requirement on NgAdverts.

NGadverts has a very good user-friendly dashboard for easy navigation for both advertiser and publisher which mean new bloggers can easly understand NgAdverts dashboard and earning statistic on NgAdvert, if you are a new blogger who has not getting many post on your blog, NgAdverts can easly approve your blog/site but their report is very bad, their ads is not showing small browser like opera mini and java phone user agent, their (CPC) Cost Per Click is not much performing good because their ads are mostly (CPA) Cost Per Day, this is a flat rate per day of announcement. Regardless of the number of impressions or clicks, the advertiser pays a rate stipulated per day of exhibition.


NgAdverts has Fast Approval which means low traffic blog/website can easily get approve, i was once before using Ngadverts on my blog, NgAdverts has no minimum Traffic Requirement, High CPM on NgAdverts, High CPC on NgAdverts, and CPD Rates, NgAdverts Provide Banner and Text Ads for pulishers.
NgAdverts Payment Method: Paypal, Check and Wire User-friendly Interface on NgAdverts.
Ngadverts CPC rate start from 50₦ to 6₦ and their minimum payment is for publiahers is 2500₦.



Alternative advert is another best Ad network in Nigeria, Alternative adverts is an ad network with the aim of solving Nigerian Publishers issues in terms of earning and withdrawal problems.

Some of the top blogs in Nigeria prefer this ad network because of their High rates and monetization of whole blog traffic.

Alternative Advert has user-friendly and they have a quick response support team on Alternative advert.

They advertise for companies like Airtel, FirstBank, and Swift Networks.

Alternative advert Minimum Payout amount is $50.00 USD, Alternative advert payment methods are PayPal/Bank transfer and $500.00 USD via wire transfer, Payments are processed within maximum 1 business day.


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Dochase is another good Ad Network in Nigeria and they are based on PPC and CPC, Dochase ads are not too friendly but pay high per click. They are strict in their policies and deactivate your account once they notice any invalid click. Earning takes atleast 12 hours to show on their platform, Dochase is also one of best ad network in Nigeria.

Dochase fills your space with advertisers from local and international advertisers. They are largest advertisers in emerging markets.


Dochase Optimum CPM and Fill Rate: Using their RTB, many advertisers compete for your traffic and the higher bidder wins. This ensures you are pay highest for your web content.Brand Safe Ads: Dochase uses ad verification technology to block unsafe ads, malware and deceptive adverts from harming your website and also protect their relationship with the advertisers.


On Dochase, your web is safe and earnings secured, No minimum traffic required for approval on Dochase, Sign up is easy and fast but their dashboard is not easy for navigation, some publishers find it difficult to add their website or to cread Ad tag on dochase, Dochase Pay higher for ad click than impression.

Minimum cashout as low as #2.000 before but Dochase now support Dollar $ and and also offers fast payment to your local bank account than most Advertising Network


I think these are the best ad networks for Nigerian bloggers to use for now, If you have any questions on how much you can earn from any of these ad networks, kindly comment below.

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Afriadverts is one of the top paying Ad network for bloggers in Nigeria, AfriAdverts is a contextual ad network that connect Advertiser with Publishers and influential marketers willing to advertise their business to their target audience, If you are new blogger with low traffic, Afriadverts can approve your site fast because they have no Minimum traffic requirment on Afriadverts.

Afriadverts support different types of ads on both Desktop and mobile for pulishers, Afriadverts also have text ads among of their ads code displayment.

Before, when Afriadverts was using Naira on their earning statistic, Afriadverts can pay from #100 Naira to #40 Naira for any Valid click on Afriadverts but now they have change to Dollar their CPC rate has also change to Dollar.

Afriadverts ad network focused on providing website owners and webmasters with the highest prices in the industry for their ad inventory, Irrespective of the payment model used by their advertisers (CPM, CPA or CPC), your ad inventory units will always generate the greatest revenue for you.

As a publisher, you will receive 80% of all your earning on all ads displayed on your website on Afriadverts as soon you have reached their payment threshold on Afriadverts.

All ads on Afriadverts are reviewed and tested with their ultimum security and protection fraud detection system to avoid bad ads and Malwares, this means AfriAdverts policies Invalid clicks and impressions Under no circumstance should an AfriAdverts publishers click their own ads or links and/or use any measure to increase impressions and/ or clicks in any way. Only users that are interested on AfriAdverts ads must click it.

Afriadverts are seem to be Scam for Some Nigerian bloggers because afriadverts easly banne some Publishers account without any illegal or invalid activity, There was a time when afriadverts are banning many Publishers accounts whithout any invalid activity, i’m also get involve and two of my friends were also get involve with some other bloggers, we discuss something about them on one of Famous Nigerian bloggers group on facebook, some bloggers suggested to Spoil Afriadverts Name on their blog because they seems to be Scammer that time.

I guess they have problem on their Robots but now they fixed it, they don’t banne publishers anyhow again, but Afriadverts publishers need to be very caryfully, don’t click the ads by your self otherwise your account will be disable for some days or Afriadverts may permanentely banne your account, on Afriadverts Any method that would generate clicks or impressions on your AfriAdverts ads is strictly forbidden, these forbidden methods include, but are not limited to, repeatedly manual clicks or impressions, using tools that promote automated click and impression and the use of robots or deceptive software. Do not click your ads. Persuasive clicks AfriAdverts publishers would not ask others to click their ads or use persuasive implementation methods to obtain clicks.

For AfriAderts publishers, if they receive a notice or otherwise have reason to believe that your page is infringing or you agains their standard rules, they may Banne you or disable your account, and if Afriadverts banned your account, all ads codes on your site will show blank white, so this means when ever you see Afriadverts blank ads on your site and you go to next page or you refresh the page and the blank ads is still displaying.

Put it at the back of your mind that your account maybe subjected to be disabled or permanentely banned, and again when ever you realise that a site which is participating in the Afriadverts Network is displaying your Copyright material without the rights to do so, You can report the site by contacting Afriadverts if you like, but don’t do so, this is the Email to contact –> [email protected]

Traffic sources AfriAdverts ads may not be placed on pages receiving traffic from certain sources, for example, publishers may not participate in paid-to-click programs, send unwanted emails or display ads as the result of the action of any software application.

To ensure a positive experience for Internet users and AfriAdverts advertisers, sites displaying AfriAdverts ads may not: Use third-party services that generate clicks or impressions such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, autosurf and click-exchange programs. Be promoted through unsolicited mass emails or unwanted advertisements on third-party websites.

On Afriadverts Ad behavior, Publishers are not permitted to make modifications of the AfriAdverts ad code or write ups, this means if you custimize Afriadverts ads code, it will affect the appearance.

Afriadvert Payments As a publisher, you will receive 70% of all your earning on all ads displayed on your website on Afriadvert as soon you have reached the payment threshold on Afriadverts.

Before, Afriadverts Publishers would be granted payment on the 25th of every month as they reach the minimum payment limit of 5,000 Naira on their finalized balance, But now it has converted to Dollar $, Afriadverts is now using Dollar on their earning Statistic, you can only be able to cash out when ever your Afriadverts publisher earning statistic Reach 50$ Dollar, this payment would be forwarded to their bank accounts or any preferable payment method chosen by them on their account information page. Payments would be received within 1-7 Business days. Site behavior Sites showing AfriAdverts ads should be easy for users to navigate expecially new bloggers.

AfriAdverts does not allow the placement of ads on gambling sites and gambling-related content. AfriAdverts publishers are to comply to those policies above. Failure to follow these policies can lead to a publishers earnings being deducted, account suspended or even worse to permanently blocked.

Their Advertisers pay for every engagement on the ad inventories on a publishers website, so it is necessary each engagement satisfies the advertiser on Afriadverts.

On Afriadverts Every Negative earnings publisher gets is a sign of invalid activities currently, so this means Afriadverts may suspend your account or block your account when ever their system detect any illegal Activity on your site.

A negative earning is as good as a refunded balance to the advertiser. What happens when I get a negative earning? Every negative earning accumulated by a publisher would be recorded as zero(0) in the earnings tab/ page but fully displayed to them at the top right hand corner of the page. This negative earnings will be refunded back to advertisers at the end of the month when the publishers earnings has been finalized, the reason why Afriadverts is ranked on NO. 1 is becouse of their high paying for publishers but Afriadverts are not friendly Ad network, i know one day you may mistakenly click your ads by your self, so take care.


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