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Top 10 Nupe Beautiful Cultural Dresses

Nupe Dressing Code

Top 10 Beautiful Nupe Cultural Dressing – Ede Nupe – Nupe Ankara Dresses

Nupe Women In Nupe Dressing Code

Nupe tribe is one of the most recognized tribe in Nigeria due to their rich culture, discipline, respect for elders, transparency, dedication, trustworthiness, hospitality, accommodation and friendliness. Let’s keep the colorful flag flying. One of the key factors that distinguishes Nupe culture is their colourful and unique clothing heritage from their own motherland which is a symbol of pride and beauty for each. Let me run you through some of the best traditional outfits from Nupeland.

Nupe Men On Top Of Horses

Would it be fun if we all spoke, thought and dressed alike? While variations create differences, these differences are also exciting as it provides us with a better chance for exploration and experimenting with other cultures.

Best Cultural Dressing In Nigeria Nupe People Ankara

The Nupe cultural and traditional dressing is the best among other cultural dressing in Nigeria, on this page we will display the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Nupe Dressing that you will like to have one.

Nupe Dressing For Women2

Nupe can be found in Niger state , Kwara state , Kogi state and FCT Abuja . They have sub-tribes languages under them namely : Kakanda , Dibo/Abawa , Kupa and Bassan Nge. All the tribes mention above has thesame linking history and cultural identity, they use thesame cultural dressing as their native cultural dressing during ceremonies, occasions and festivities in Kin Nupe.

Nupe Bride And Bride Groom, Husband And Wife

According to the famous Nupe writer, Prof. Ndagi Abdullahi, all the Nupes and other dialect are fron thesame root but where later seperated after the succesfull invasion of Central Nupeland by British Armed Forces Royal Niger Company in 1895 to 1897.

Hmm anyway that’s what we intended to talk about.., here on this page we will discuss about Nupe cultural dressing but not Nupe histories in Nigeria , you can read more about Nupe people by clicking HERE for more Nupe contents .

His Royal Higheness Etsu Nupe Gen Abubakar

His Royal Highness Etsu Nupe Emir Of Bida

Nupe people and their sub tribes wear thesame cultural dressing , there’s no doubt most of the words they use in their languages is very similar to that of Nupe Central , the Bassa Nge people in Bassa Local government of Kogi state who also refer them selves as Nupe Tako are also among the group.

EDE KPASA Attire – Nupe Fashion Dresses

    Ede Kpasa is commonly use together with other Nupe materials, e.g with Ekokpara Nupe Attire, The Native Eko Kpara Nupe Attire has 3 colours of Nupe Flag :

  • RED stand for (Worrior)
  • GREEN stand for (Agriculture)
  • BLUE stand for (River Niger)

Nupe Flag Colour

Ede kpasa which is commonly called ” Kpasa ” by the people, has been in existence right before the coming of “Tsoede”. In a nutshell, it has been in existence over centuries.

Kpasa Nupe Dressing

Kpasa is a weaved local material with various designs, regarding its name. Kpasa is produced with the aid of a wooden loom machine, made of tree branches or woods with various components such as:

  • Gbogboro
  • Habishii
  • Ekpa
  • Esa’a
  • Ninfi

Kpasa is of two different brand. One is made of local thread called ” Manzari “, while the other one is made of foreign thread. Below are various names of Kpasa made of local thread:

  • Giworasa
  • Luwaya

The above mentioned Kpasa are made of local thread called ” Manzari “. They are the real Kpasa, mainly owned by rich women of those days.

  • Gugulu
  • Ashawu
  • Ekwa yeko
  • Yarangi
  • Kurutu
  • Fulani
  • Kabido
  • Swalun
  • Achi
  • Giwa
  • Kanuchi
  • Nda-duma

Most of our old mothers still have some of this materials/fabrics in store. They are kept for future purposes. In those days, they were used as an element of fashion, but since the world revolves, most of the aforementioned materials became outdated, because of the existence of “Nda-duma”.

But despite that, the young generation want to come in contact with the aforementioned materials, so as to get familiar with them and make adequate use of it. They are very rich in presentation and its beauty. In our schools today, cultural day has been fully empowered.

Cultural day is however historic due to the mode of dressing of the participants. As such, they go in search of Nupe traditional material such as Ekokpara , Gbadu, Kpasa and Nnadzwa ebwa .

Our olden days mothers give their daughters ” Ede kpasa ” on their wedding day in form of blouse and wrapper, alongside with the Kpasa called ” Giwa ” to be wrapped on the initial Kpasa put on as wrapper.

It serves as an ” Edeko ” (double wrapper), while the Kpasa called “Kabido” is placed on her shoulder. But today, our sisters use “Judge”, while the Igbo’s don’t use “Ede-kpasa”. The Kpasa called “Gugulu and Giwa” were mostly used by royalist or people of great caliber.

Since every family has their heritage or professional creative skills, they specialize on, the origin of Ede Kpasa is from “Sanluchizhi”, and for the recognition of their creativity, they were offered a traditional tittle as “Majin Sanlu” (Head of local loom weavers).

While those engaged in the work orl practitioners are called “Kparako”, because the work is done in a fast speed (kpara-kpara (fast fast).


Nupe Tradition Clothe

In olden days, the materials used by our mothers are:

  • Bunu-zhiko
  • Nnaba
  • Enyi-dangi
  • Mato nitsacizhi (its still in existence. It can be found in Onitsha)

Modern Nupe female traditional wears are:

  • Ekokpara
  • Nnadzwa ebwa
  • Tantabara

It is called ” Ekokpara ” because the design pattern of the material is similar to that of “Scale fish”. While “Tantabara” is called such because the pattern is such a way like a weaved mat.
Since Nupe language is known to be a very disciplined language, the number of material expected to be found on a typical Nupe woman is nine (8).

They are listed below:

  • Tobigi
  • Simi
  • Ewo
  • Ede
  • Edeko
  • Fula(Tsotso)
  • Rufuta(lilo)
  • Edetikpe

While the nineth one is expected to come before the first one “Tobigi”. It is worn first before any other thing. But today, our sisters wear trouser and a mini top, which is supposed to be worn/use form recreational activities or serve as casual wears.


Beads were used in place of modern necklace which till date is finer than some modern necklace (s) produced by some companies today. Beads were worn on waist, on the neck as necklace, and on the ear as earring. Below are waist beads:

  • Egbogi
  • Dinitigi

Below are old neck/ear beads:

  • Enya dzuru
  • Dukugi
  • Biba-duku
  • Enyigi
  • Gwakpagi
  • Batako
  • Hankaka
  • Nyabere

Below are the modern neck/ear beads comprising a old bead which are still in existence :

  • Gbadu
  • Hankaka
  • Enyigi

For easy identification, below are some beads and their color:

  • Enyadzuru – Red
  • Dukugi – White
  • Biba-duku – White
  • Nyabere – Red
  • Takpola – Black

Top 10 Beautiful Nupe Cultural Dressing For Women

1. Ede Eko Kpara

Nupe Bride With Her Friends

The Eko Kpara is the most beautiful Nupe dressing code in Nupeland for women and children but some Nupe mens also wear it during Nupe day and other ceremonies as an identity of Nupe people .

Eko Kpara Nupe Clothe

The word Eko Kpara is Nupe word which mean the ( Back Of Shearbutter Tree ), this dressing is common among the Nupe people and other sub tribes in Niger state , Kwara state and Kogi state such as the Bassa Nge , Kakanda , Kupa , Dibo and other .

Young Nupe Couples In Nupe Ankara

As you can see it was designed with black and white colour and has fade-tin red on the middle of each black sections. It is also very similar to chequered flag of American Motor Racing flag .

Below Are The Images Of Eko Kpara Nupe Cultural Dressing Clothes

Little Nupe Girls And Boys In Nupe Clothe Eko Kpara , Nupe Dressing Code For Boys Ankara Dresses

Nupe Lady In Ekokpara

Pure Eko Kpara Dressing With Kpasa On Head Nupe

Nupe Girl In Eko Kpara

Nupe Ladies In Eko Kpara Nupe Clothes

Young Nupe Girl In Nupe Clothe

Bassa Nge Boy In Traditional Clothe In Nigeria Middle Belt Dressing Code For Nupe Boy

Nupe Girl In Eko Kpara

Girls In Ankara Nupe Dressing

Kpasa Rapper Nigeria Cultural Dressing

Nupe Ankara North Central Cultural Dressing

Nupe Northern Nigerian Dressing Code

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Nigerian Woman In Nupe Clothe Dresses Ankara African

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Bassa Nge Girls In Cultural Dressing Ekokpara Nigerian Clothes

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Bassa Nge Tribe In Nupe Cultural Clothe Ankara

Fati Lade In Nupe Beautiful Dress In Njgeria

Nupe Ethnic Girl With Calabash In Nupe Nigerian Dreasing Attire

2. Ede Nnadzwa Ebwa

Nnadzwa Ebwa Nupe Clothe

This Nupe cultural dressing is the 3rd most common Nupe dressing in Nupe land. The Nnadzwa Ebwa might be refering to someone name specially the native Nupe female singer.
Nna Dzwa Ebwa Nupe Dressing
Nna mean mother in Nupe language .

3. Ede Gboko Taba

kponkpon Taba Nupe Clothe

The Kponkpon Taba is the second 2nd most common Nupe cultural dressing for Nupe women in Nupe land , although the word Gboko mean the upper root of Tree. While Taba mean (Weed) in Nupe language , as you can see the art of weed and smoke on the material , it’s also call Kokontaba in some Nupe communities .

This Nupe cultural dressing is mostly use by Native Nupe Female Singers years ago E.g Hajiya Fatima Lolo , Hajiya Aliya Pelemi , Hajiya Nnadzwa and others.

4. Ede Zogun

Ede Zangun Zogun Nupe Cloth

The word Zangun or Zogun mean robber mate , the ede zogun is also one of the best Nupe dressing in Nupe land , although some Nupe people corrupted word to Ede mai tabarma but the real name is Ede Zogun and also some Nupe people call it Zogun , depends on their native tongue.

Below Are The Images Of Eko Kpara Nupe Cultural Dressing Clothes

Nupe People Dressing

Ede Zangun Zogun Nupe Nigerian Arewa Dressing

Nigerian Middle Belt Dressing

5. Ede Asibi Bafin

Ede Asibi Nupe Cloth

Asibi Bafin is also one of the Nupe dressing code but it’s not common in Towns , Ede Asibi Bafin can be seen with Villagers in Nupe land , the word Asibi Bafin mean (Saturday Sweeping), it was designed with yellow colour and orange colour showing sign of broom.

6. Ede Donko

Ede Donko Nupe Ankara Attire Clothe

The Ede Donko is one of the most popular Nupe dressing for women and children but it has little usage in now in Kin-Nupe , the word Donko mean (Horse), it was designed with dark navy blue colour and light orange colour showing the art of Horse as well other side show light red colour of horse art.

7. Ede Shelu

Ede Shelu Nupe Clothe

The Ede Shelu is one of the most beautiful Nupe dressing code for wemen , Ede Shelu is also similar to that of Ede Ekokpara , it is designed with white colour and it also contains dark navt blue colour and with litte red.

8. Ede Masalachi

Ede Mansalachi Nupe Clothe

This Nupe dressing is one of the beautful dressing after Ekokpara , Kponkpon Taba and Nnadzwa Ebwa , the Ede Mansalachi has many colourfull designed with light green colour showing the art of Mosque , Nupe people love this dressing too but it’s un-common nowadays , it makes Nupe girls to become beautiful and more attractive.

9. Ede Mankpala

Mankpala Nupe Clothe

The Mankpala Dressing is beautiful too for Nupe women , it is designed with yellowish colour and brown colour showing an art design very similar to human brain , this dressing also make Nupe girls to become very attractive when they wear it.

10. Ede Emi Kwakwa

Emi Kwakwa Nupe Clothe

This Nupe dressing is one of the most common dressing in Nupe land but it’s not much attractive for Girls under age of 30 , it is commonly use by old Nupe women with Titles E.g the Nna Sagi’s and leaders of Nupe women’s in Nupe land , it’s also makes them feel special among other Nupe women’s .
The Emi Kwakwa is designed with different colours showing an art of Duck also call Gbangba in Nupe language.

Top 10 Beautiful Nupe Cultural Dressing For Women

  • 1. Ede Ekokpara
  • 2. Ede Nnadzwa Ebwa
  • 3. Ede Kponkpon Taba
  • 4. Ede Zogun
  • 5. Ede Asibi Bafin
  • 6. Ede Donko
  • 7. Ede Shelu
  • 8. Ede Manslachi
  • 9. Ede Mankpala
  • 10. Ede Emi Kwakwa

Other Beautiful Dresses Code For Women In Kin Nupe

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Beautiful Nupe Cultural Dressing Code For Men

Nupe Man On Top Of Standing Horse

Nupe Ewoko Nupe Dressing Code For Men

Even though we are in the era of civilization, our costume and tradition shouldn’t be kicked out of existence. Let’s embrace it hence we didn’t associate anything with God Almighty.

Nupe Emir Palace Nupe Kingdom

Due to the uniqueness of the above wears, our sisters need them today, but it wasn’t properly handled, it died so easily. However, it is remarked as a lost heritage.

Ewoko Nupe Clothe For Men In Nupe Land

Please my beloved sisters and young parents, urge your wards to wear Nupe attires more than the way you encourage them to wear ready-made materials, such as trousers and skirts.

While our mothers were busy giving themselves a perfect outlook, our fathers were not left behind. They also engage in exhibiting traditional wears, such as ( Kpasa , Ewo , Fula tsotso and Roni kati ). In Nupe community, a man do observes traditional bath on his wedding day ( Bayawo Rufadan nuwanfu ).

Etsu Nupe Chief Traditional Ruler In Niger stata North Central

The royalist mostly wear “Ewoko and Tsanka Ebu “, tie ” Roni Dankura ” on their head and put on an embroidered gown as a symbol of royalty. The following are clothes and caps worn by Nupe men’s:

  • Baraje
  • Soke
  • Garri
  • Garki Nufawa
  • Ede-kun
  • Edogi
  • Tantabara lukuku
  • Ebu (Agbada and Tsanka Ebu)
  • Ewo Zabo
  • Dikwa
  • Ewo-cin
  • Gangafa
  • Fula-Dara (Tsotsodzuru)
  • Makka wiya
  • Marfa

The above caps were not worn by everybody, they were worn by royalist. Below is the picture of the founder of Bida, Mallam Muhammad Ibrahim Bangana (Manko) wearing a “Marfa” (hat). Marfak has been in existence over long period of time.

More Nups Dressing Code For Men In Kin Nupe

Top 10 Nupe Beautiful Cultural Dresses Nupe tribe is one of the most recognized tribe in Nigeria due to their rich culture, discipline, respect for elders, transparency, dedication, trustworthiness, hospitality, accommodation and friendliness. Let's keep the colorful flag flying. One of the key factors that distinguishes Nupe culture is their colourful and unique clothing heritage from their own motherland which is a symbol of pride and beauty for each. Let me run you through some of the best traditional outfits from Nupeland.

Nupe Land Must Change For Good

Nupe Man With His Son

Nupe Man On Top Of Horse

Nupe Guy Nupe People

Nupe Man With White Man British

Nupe Edzan Nupe Drumder

Nupe Men

Nupe Nothern Nigerian People With Turban

Dogari Nupe Guards In Nupe Land

Example of RED colour in Nupe Flag can be seen on above image of Dogari ( Nupe Guards Men In Etsu Nupe Palace ).

NOTE: If You Are Nupe By Tribe And You Claim To Be Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo or any other Tribe… You Are A Shameful Thing To Our Nation!.

Our traditional rulers are striving hard to keep our culture stronger than it use to be. Let’s render them a great supports from our respective abodes.


The Quality Of Our Upbringing And Dedication Has Led Us To Greater Height, Let’s Keep Representing Our Good Image.

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