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The Similarities Between Hausa And Nupe

What Are The Similarities Between Nupe And Hausa?

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Hausa Woman And Nupe Woman – Similarities Between Hausa And Nupe

The similarities between Hausa and Nupe are mode of dressing for mens since past histories, nobody known who heritage it from other, Hausa mens wear Baban riga as their cultural dressing for men while Nupe men wear Ewoko as their cultural and traditional dressing but it’s all thesame, but the Baban Riga and Ewoko are not relevant to Agbada of Yoruba’s, The Nupe men and Hausa men also wear and put on thesame turban and very similar emir dressing, this will be diffult for the people of South South Nigeria and South East Nigeria to differentiate them.

Hausa Dressing For Men, Nupe Dressing For Men, Similarities Between Hausa And Nupe, People, Hausa People, Nupe Men And Hausa Men

Hausa Men And Nupe Men – Similarities Between Nupe And Hausa

The Differences Between Nupe and Hausa

  • LANGUAGE: The Nupe people speak a language of the Nupoid group in the branch of the Niger-Congo language family while the Hausa people speak language of Chadic group of Afro-Asiatic type.Nupe children call their mother NNA while they refer to their Dad is NDA/BABA, they also call their elderly people as YAYA, e.g Ya Kolo, Ya Woye, Ya Lamin, Ya Jiya, Ya Dufia, Ya Gana, Ya Kashi, Ya Tsado, Ya Wusa, Ya Tswayan, Ya Layi, Ya Ndache, Yanda. e.t.c.They refers to their Aunts as NNAGI, e.g Nnagi Mamu, Nnagi Fati, Nnagi Sagi, Nnagi Yasha, Nnagi Sale, Nnagi Ramatu, e.t.c.
    They also call their uncle as NDAGI, e.g
    Ndagi Bagudu, Ndagi Aliyu, Ndagi Makun, Ndagi Madu, Ndagi Cheche, Ndagi Nankodi, Ndagi Egba, Ndagi Maji, Ndagi Mayaki, etc.

  • CULTURE AND TRADITIONAL DRESS: Hausa traditional dressing Code for women and Nupe tradional dressing code for women are not thesame but their modern dressing makes them look similar, expecially how their men’s dress, while the way their women dress is irrelevant, the Nupe famous cultural dressing for women is known as Eko Kpara and additional Kpasa rapper flat on their head while Hausa cultural dressing for women are different mixtures of dressing, they tied different rapper, different women shirt, different material on head and applied ugly makeup on their faces like African masquerade.
  • RESPECT: Hausa people don’t seems to have respect for their leaders, most expecially giving respect to their parent it’s difficult thing among Hausa people, according to our observation on Hausa people, only 6% of Hausa people do respect leaders and they are likely to be found among Nupe people in Nupe communities or in Fulani communities, an Hausa guy or girl can call her mother with her real mother name => Hey Maimuna, I’m Done!, what cause this? Lack of respect and lack of home training.In Hausa land you can see Leader of Area or King can impose rules and they will bypass it, when they have clash with leaders, the youths will gather them selves with swords, stone, firewood, knife and other weapons to take revange, they have done it before with “Sultan” The King Of Nigerian Muslims.While Nupe people are peaceful, humble and agriculturalists people, they have no time to face their leaders, once leaders said This Is The Way We Will Follow”, the followers will responds “Let’s Go”.
    It’s A Nupe people that will see them selves by the street side and must squad down and greet each other with respect till date Nupe people are most respectful and peaceful people in Nigeria, they give respect than Yoruba people.
  • LOCATION: Hausa people can be found all over Nigeria, most especially northern states in Nigeria, they have Occupied most towns in North West and North East but their real state of indigen are Kano, Katsina and Sokoto, althought they claim to own some towns in other nothern states because they penetrated to the towns since past centuries when nobody is educated in Nigeria to wrote down how to spread to other regions and towns.

    Nupe people are the Major ethnic group in Niger state, they occulied most towns in Niger state include the Capital City Minna also known as MX City, some Nupe people can be found in Kwara state, Kogi state, FCT Abuja while some can be found in Kaduna state and north of Oyo state.

    Their lack of exploring/traveling makes them unrecognized on some Nigeria region e.g South South Region and South East Region of Nigeria, they are also known as farmers and Fishermens, with the good hard work of Nupe people and their Agricultural productions are enough to Feed Nigeria, according to research, Nupe people are the Top rice producers in Nigeria because their region is located in River Area’s, they also plant Yam, Cassava, Potato, Maize, Groundnuts, Millet, Guinea Corn, Beans, Bambaranuts, and other farm products.

With this light explanation, we hope you can now identify Nupe people and Hausa people when you travel to Niger state, Kwara state, Kogi state, Kaduna state and Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

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