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Ndagi Abdullahi Interview With Blueprint Newspaper

NDAGI ABDULLAHI AMANA NUPE Enter Nigeria’s Most Prolific and Most Controversial Writer! (The full, uncut version of his interview with Blueprint Newspaper, published on Saturday 8th of May 2021.) By Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe

BLUEPRINT: Greetings Sir. May you please introduce yourself briefly?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: I am Dr. Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe. I am the Director of International Institute for Nupe Studies. I am also the Chairman of Nupe Cultural and Resource Centre. And, I am an Associate Professor of History.

BLUEPRINT: Sir, they said you are the most popular Nupe man in the world. How true is that?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Honestly, I don’t know how true that claim is. What I know is that I have a big presence and a larger-than-lif e persona on the internet where I have been daily preaching and propagating high Nupe history and culture through my innumerable writeups on the internet for the last twenty years plus.

BLUEPRINT: But everybody is saying that your historical and cultural writeups on Nupe are highly controversial. They said you are the most controversial Nupe man in the world.
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: That maybe because my book ‘Nupe The Origin’ has been labelled the most controversial book in Nigeria since 2006. The book says that all the ethnicities and tribes in Nigeria originated from Nupe.

BLUEPRINT: You said that Nupe is the origin of mankind itself.
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: I didn’t say Nupe is the origin of mankind. What I said is that Nupeland or KinNupe has been the location of some of the earliest civilizations of mankind. Prophet Adam the first human being was not a Nupe man, but he most probably first appeared in and lived in Nupeland or the general area we call the Nigerian Middle Belt or Central Nigeria today.

BLUEPRINT: You said that every tribe in Nigeria originated from Nupe.
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: I did say that almost every ethnicity or tribe we see in Nigeria today originated directly from Nupe or indirectly from Nupeland.

BLUEPRINT: Sir, you also claimed that Queen Amina of Zaria never existed, that Oduduwa, Shango and Bayajida were Nupe men, etc. The history of Nigeria we all know never mentioned things like these.
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: The history of Nigeria they teach you in the universities and that has been espoused by the Nigerian academia and Western scholarship is the spurious invention of Colonial historians on the payroll of Lord Lugard the Master Anti-Nupe Imperialist.

BLUEPRINT: Sir, you mean the Colonial historians invented a false history for Nigeria and hide the true history of Nigeria from us?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Exactly! A meticulous and revisionist approach to reexamining the primary sources on Nigerian history will readily show that the Colonial historians concocted an apocryphal history of Nigeria to meet the exigencies of their Colonial Government and Indirect Rule.

BLUEPRINT: So, you are now going back to the primary sources to rediscover the true history of Nigeria?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Exactly! And it is while rereading the primary sources that I discovered that Nupe is the Origin of almost all the ethnicities and tribes in Nigeria today.

BLUEPRINT: But if that is the case how comes the Nupes aren’t among the frontline tribes in Nigeria today?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: The Nupes are not among the frontline ethnicities in Nigeria today because Colonial politics deliberately destroyed the Nupe Nation. Lord Lugard saw Nupe as being “dangerously large” so all Colonial administrative machinery were used to balkanized and destroyed the Nupe Nation during the era of the Colonial Government.

BLUEPRINT: Then why didn’t Nupe reassert themselves after Independence from Colonialism?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: After Independence, Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardaunan Sokoto and Tafawa Balewa deliberately prevented the Nupe Nation from growing out of their control because they were afraid if the Nupes decide to do what Isaac Boro was doing in the South, Northern Nigeria will collapse instantaneously. The North was built on Nupe as the foundation.

BLUEPRINT: And after the Sardauna era why couldn’t the Nupe people still reassert themselves?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: By the time the Military and the Second Republic came along the Nupe Nation have already been effectively emasculated through balkanization into puny geopolitical zones in the different States of Niger, Kwara and Kogi. Also, Anti-Nupe politics in each of these States were aggressively used to annihilate any element or semblance of Nupe power that might have survived the balkanization. In Niger State for instance the Hausa and other non-Nupe people suddenly and fortuitously got to supreme military and political powers in the late ‘70s and mid ‘80s – powers they didn’t hesitate to use in suppressing the Nupes further into the underwood.

BLUEPRINT: But why have the Nupe people not been able to reassert themselves to this day?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: The Nupes are already on the path of reasserting themselves. There is a general Nupe Renaissance ongoing throughout Nigeria and abroad right now. Thanks to the efforts of others and also our own efforts on the net for the past twenty or more years.

BLUEPRINT: Is that why the Etsu Nupe turbaned you as the Amana Nupe? I mean in recognition of your praiseworthy contributions to the progress of the Nupe Nation.
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Yes, His Royal Highness Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, CFR, the Etsu Nupe Bagadozhi!

BLUEPRINT: l learnt that you have written over one thousand books. How true is that?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: I have actually written over one thousand five hundred books hitherto, the highest record in the world.

BLUEPRINT: Wonderful…
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: I am now working on upgrading and updating them to meet up with the specifications of the Guiness World Record people so that I can be formally recognized as the man who has written the highest number of books in the world.

BLUEPRINT: So, Sir, how many books have you written on Nupe and what are the other fields or topics you have written books on?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: I have written close to four hundred books on Nupe history, culture, linguistics, and general sociology. The remaining are on other themes including Afrocentrism, Philosophy, Religion, Islam, International Politics, Ancient World History, Pan-Africanism, Science, Fiction, Spiritualism and the Occult, and so on.

BLUEPRINT: What was your inspiration for writing so many books?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: When I embarked on my writing career, I read somewhere that an American author called Ron Hubbard had written over one thousand books, so I promised myself that I will beat that world record.

BLUEPRINT: Sir, you mentioned Afrocentrism among the fields on which you have written books. What is your take on Afrocentrism?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Now that Europe and North America are on the decline and Africa is on the rise to world domination, the need for an Afrocentric worldview can never be overemphasized…

BLUEPRINT: Sorry for cutting you Sir, but you just said that Europe and North America are on the decline. Is that true?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Yes, and contrary to the headlies from the powerful media houses of the West like the CNN, BBC, Fox, and others, the Eurozone is dead and the American economy has been in coma for close to three decades now. On the other hand, the ten fastest growing economies in the world right now are African countries.

BLUEPRINT: Sir, can you explain further?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: What I am saying is that it is now the time for Africa to shine and lead the world. And it is our role the African intelligentsia to prepare the ground for the forthcoming African domination of the world by elaborating a vigorous Afrocentric worldview. We need to reevaluate Western scholarship in its entirety, we also need to reappraise the foundations of Western culture and civilization in the light of our African cultural values and traditions.

BLUEPRINT: But, Sir, the reality here in Nigeria is that Nigeria is almost a failed state and may soon disintegrate with all the secessionist agitations from IPOB, Oduduwa Republic, and bandits and kidnappers tearing the country apart.
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Don’t mind all those stomach infrastructure secessionists and the kidnapper-bandits who are all into the secession and banditry industries to make money. Don’t forget that they are also being funded and orchestrated by embittered politicians from behind the shadows. For those of us who are deep researchers into history and international politics, all the historical forces and international political factorials point towards a united Nigeria that will soon become a world superpower on the same ranking with or even greater than America in the immediate future.

BLUEPRINT: But right now, people are suffering and even the Nigerian youth are really angry with the way things are going on in Nigeria.
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: These youth making noise on the social media are kids who were born just before or just after 1999. They know nothing about the real Nigeria. They will never know the greatness of Nigeria until they have the opportunity of traveling to Europe or North America and see for themselves that Nigeria is actually performing far better than most of these their ‘saner clime’ imaginary utopias….

BLUEPRINT: Sir, we are running out of time. In conclusion, when do you think you will complete the upgrading and updating of your over one thousand five hundred books so that Guiness World Record will finally declare you as the man who has written the highest number of books in the world?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: Sincerely, I don’t know when. It may be next year or the year after or even latter than that. It all depends on how much time I am able spare out of my tight schedules to accelerate the dauting process of reviewing over one thousand five hundred books to meet Guiness World Records specifications. You know I am engaged in so many other works.

BLUEPRINT: Which other works are you engaged in, Sir?
NDAGI ABDULLAHI: I am the Provost of Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology at Madalla, Suleja. I am also very busy now working on my being confirmed a substantive Professor of History. At the same time, I am also right now a student in some universities within and outside Nigeria pursuing some degrees in some other academic fields. And these are just few among many other such engagements!
BLUEPRINT: Thank you Sir.

Author: Ndagi Abdullahi
Royal Title: Amana Nupe
Whatsapp Contact Only: 08137982743

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