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How The Etsu Nupe Founded Igala Kingdom

The Origination Of Igala Kingdom In 1854 Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther was told by the Igala people that their capital city of Idah was originally...

How Gwari People Were Originated from Nupe

said they originated from Bornu.¹ But Professor Leo Frobenius wrote that the Gwari people were already an established race when Kisra arrived Paiko at the...

Apa Kororofa: The Nupe Origins Of The Igala

Olivia Temple,¹ Professor E.O. Erim,² Akpenpuun Dzurgba,³ and other have related that the Igala traditions maintain that the Igala people originated from a prehistoric...

Northern Nigeria History Before Amalgamation

Brief History Of Northern Nigeria Before Amalgamation Northern Nigerian Leaders And British To understand Nigeria you need to know the history to explain the politics. When the...