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How To Write A Keyword Article Quickly

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Many website owners use keyword articles to help draw Internet traffic to their websites. Keyword optimized articles are those written with specific keywords that help the website pop up near the top of the search engine results page. To start attracting.
Now Follow The Steps
1.Begin by researching popular keyword phrases for the niche you’re writing about. There is a variety of popular keyword research tools available that allow you to plug in certain words and find out which keyword phrases are popular with search engines.

quickly article for google ranking 2.Write down all of the keyword phrases you want to use in your articles and then create article topics or titles for each set of keywords.

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how to get on top of people that blog thesame content with you on google search engine3.Decide on the density needed for each article. If writing these articles for someone else, they may have a density requirement for each keyword that you need to meet. Most webmasters want a frequency of at least 1% per article, which averages out to five uses of each keyword when writing the average 500 word article.

how to out rank your competitors on seo4.Create a rough outline for each article. Keyword articles should have a general intro, a few paragraphs for the body and a conclusion. Keyword articles can end up not making much sense if you focus only on adding the keywords, so make sure the outline specifies pertinent information that’s useful to the reader.

how to get many more visitors and quick keywords ranking5.Conduct research using popular search engines and cut and paste the information you want to reference into a separate word processing document. This way you can quickly reference your research in one place without having to spend hours browsing the Internet for information.

Searching for how to get huge traffic on your site6.Increase your typing speed if you’re a slow typist. Once you’ve got the article outlined, all you need to do is type it. There are plenty of free online programs that help you practice typing to increase your speed. If you don’t type at least 70 words per minute, you’ll find that your article writing takes much longer.

7.Use a voice-to-type program, if you struggle with increasing your typing speed. It allows you to speak the articles into the program, using a microphone or headset, and the program automatically types it out for you. great and best keywords ranking for webmaster8. Read the articles after you type them to insure there are no errors that a common spelling and grammar checker may have missed. Once you give the articles a quick edit, you can begin adding them to the website or submit them to a client.

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