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How To Recover Your Disabled Facebook Account

how to recover block or disable facebook account on android
Your facebook account has been disabled Or you want to learn how to recover disabled facebook account? if YES you are at the right place but note that it’s not an easy task to recover disabled Facebook account . I am going to tell you the solution to Recover Disabled Facebook Account. All you need to do is, just fill Appeal-ID Request Form by Facebook and wait for their reply. Recently they had also created Facebook Disabled Ineligible Form which can help users whose account was disabled for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Nowadays Facebook has increased their security due to which lots of Fake accounts are getting disabled in huge quantity. People who are using fake names on their account started losing their accounts without any warning. Whenever this happens with somebody’s account, he/she starts searching on the internet for the method to reopen disabled Facebook account. We will share all about this topic in this article and the possible ways to get your account back.

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Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networking websites in the world. Sometimes, they disable our Facebook account. The reasons are many!! In this case, we start searching for How to open disabled Facebook account?. If you are facing the same, here is the step-by-step guide to reactivate disabled Facebook account. Yeah!!, just doing disabled account appeal-id request, you will get your account back.

“ My personal account was disabled “, is the most irritated page, sometimes Facebook shows us. Nowadays, there are lots of Facebook account are disabled. And people started searching on Google for, how to open disabled facebook account. After searching for it, we found one and only one method to recover disabled fb account that is disabled account appeal-id request. Just, appeal and wait to recover disabled Facebook account.

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If same happened to you, don’t worry. We are here! In this article, we will share everything on the topic: How to reactivate disabled Facebook account . If your ID is too old, then it’s very important for you to get it back. So, all you have to do is, just follow this guide carefully.

How To Open Disabled Facebook Account?
how to open your blocked facebook account
Some people think that their Facebook Account is permanently disabled, but actually, their account is just Temporarily disabled for any Security purpose. So, first of all, let me the clear difference between these two situations. If your account is Temporary Disabled, then whenever you try to Login it shows that your account is Disabled. You can easily open your disabled Facebook account back in this condition, by the method we are describing below.

This is how it looks like when your Facebook account is Temporarily disabled:
how to bring back your facebook account that is been disable

If your account also looks same, when you try to Login. It means your account got disabled. Now, to recover Disable Facebook account , you have to follow few steps in below section.

1.Open this Link: Facebook Disable Help

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2.Now enter your registered Email, Original Name which you used on the account and attach a Valid original Govt. ID Proof with same Name & DOB on it.

Here is what types of Govt. Proofs Facebook supports:

Green Card, Residence Permit or Immigration Papers
Birth Certificate
Voter ID Card
Personal or Vehicle Insurance Card
Marriage Certificate
Official Name Change Paperwork

If you are below 18 and don’t have any ID from these, you can upload this one also:

Credit card
Utility bill
School or work ID
Library card
Bus card

3. Here is how this “Facebook disabled account appeal form” looks like:
how to reopen facebook account that is blocked or disable on your smart phone
3. Now, Enter all the necessary details correctly in the form and at last, click on Send button.

4. It will successfully Submit your form for Review and show you the message like this:
easy way on how to get back disable facebook account

Now, your Form is successfully submitted. Facebook will review your appeal and reply to you within 4-5 days. It isn’t sure, your account will open by this process. If your Profile looks Legal and there is nothing which violates Facebook Terms, then I am sure, your account will open easily. This is How to enable disabled Facebook account.

And In another case, if your account is Permanently disabled, it will show you that your account is Permanently Disabled. In this situation, you will never get your account back. I hope now your all questions are cleared like Facebook account disabled fake name, Facebook account disabled for no reason and all. Well, according to me, the main reason behind this is using a Stylish and Fake name. So, always avoid using other names on your FB account.

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