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How To Make Your Wapka Custom Domain Work On Opera mini

how to make wapka workbon opera mini, or how to make wapka custom domain work on opera mini
Many people are complaining about Wapka is not open in opera mini, so if you are one of them i guess this will help you solve the problem, since wapka shutdown in 2014, there are several problem on their server e.g unable to download App, Image, Software, Themes and Ringintone, Freenom is the best solution thought there are some other ways to make it work but this is the best method to use without cloudfare.

This Method Is Only For Freenom Users

Step: 1
Visit: Freenom.com
Log in and click on My domain then select the domain Management you wish to set DNS.
wapka custom domain setting in freenom

Step: 2 Click on Manage Freenom DNS wapka freenom dns management, how to use wapka custom domain without cloudfare

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Step: 3 Creat 4 Record and set the DNS record below How to make wapka new domain work on all browser without cloudfare, DNS record on freenom steps to set wapka custom domain without cloud fare, DNS record on freenomAfter setting the records then click on Save, That’s All.

NOTE: It will take morethan 5 Hours before it will work

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