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How To Know If Someone Is Secretely Using Your Facebook Account

how to know if someone is using your facebook account
Are You Noticing Anything Suspicious On Your Facebook Account? Or are you suspecting Someone is using your facebook account?

Well Their Are Some Simple Security Settings Built Into Facebook. This Settings Should Help You Detect If Any Other Person Is Secretly Logging Into And Using Your Facebook Account. Follow The Steps Below.

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Login To Your Facebook,
Click On Account »» Account Settings »» Account Security. Here You Will See A List Of All Computers And Mobile Devices That Have Logged Into Your Facebook Account And The Time Of Visit. You Can Also See The Approximate Geographic Location Of The Device, Based On The IP Address That Was Used To Access Your Facebook Account. If You Come Across An Unknown Device Or Location In The List e.g Maybe You See Mac Computer And You’ve Never Used Mac Computer Before, Just Click On The Corresponding “End Activity” Link And It Should Immediately Log Out That Person Using Your Account.

Note: For Extra Safety, You May Also Choose To Receive Email And SMS Alerts If Someone Else Tries To Log Into Your Account From A Previously Unknown Computer Or Mobile Phone, Facebook will notify you on your email.

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