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How To Earn Daily Free ₦2000 On BangBet And Withdraw It Instantly

Make Casino BangBet And Withdraw To Your Local Bank Account In Nigeria

How To Make Money On Casino Bangbet, Withdraw, Earn More, Bank Account

What Is Casino BangBet?

Bangbet is a betting platform just like the other bet companies in Nigeria, the bet company offers unique features and has a very user friendly webpages.
Now the betting company has just recently decided to give out free palliatives to its users all for the sake of the recent corona virus.
You don’t need to pay anything before you can start earning, it’s all free.

Below as you can see my payment proof that was paid to my account here in Nigeria.
BangBet Casino Payment Proof On Bank Account

[BangBet Payment Proof]

Many people has been benefitting from this offer since few weeks ago, you can register from any country, it doesn’t matter if you are from Nigeria, US, Ghana, India, South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan UK, Uganda, Zimbabwe.
If you are not already an existing member better grab this better opportunity by quickly registering before it will end.


Below is a step by step guide on how to get your free ₦2000 cash directly to your bank account and any country.

  • Step 1
    Once you have register then click on the claim button to start the registration process.
  • Step 2
    Enter your mobile number and password then wait for an otp message with your 6 digits code. (if it doesn’t come click on the didn’t receive code button for other options)
  • Step 3
    Now once you have verified your number, simply connect the website to Facebook by signing in to your Facebook account.
  • Step 4
    After sign in, a box will appear,
    hit the open button and you will
    get your free ₦1500 instantly.
  • Step 5
    The free ₦1500 cannot be withdrawn instantly it needs to
    reach a threshold of ₦2000,which you can reach easily by clicking on the boost button and selecting a social media to paste your link to.
    Now tell your friends and family about the good news and to give you a boost by registering with your link provided to you by Casino.bangbet.com.ng
  • Step 6
    Now once you have reached the ₦2000 threshold, click on the withdraw button and receive your cash directly to your bank account. Super easy!


    You can make morethan ₦30.000 thousand with this BangBet by continue sharing on all social media e.g Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Forums.
    The More you share it, the more you make money, they want from you is to bring more people to register on their website, that’s all.


    You can click below green to Register now before it’s too late.

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