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How To Add Pinterest Latest Pins Widget To Your Blogger Website

how to add piterest latest pins wedget on your blog or website Since 2012 Pinterest Pins Blogger Widgethas been made available to enable you display Your Pinterest pins on your blogspot website using a Pinterest made blogger widget.
You can easily ads the Pinterest Blogger widget to your blogger sitebar or footer to enable easy access. To add this widget to your blogspot website follow below steps. How to Add Pinterest Widget to Blogger Website

Visit Pinterest widget builder page

Select Profile Widget if you want to display general pins, or select Board Widget to display pins from a board.

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The widget will show up to 30 most recent pins. I.e recent updates which you posted on your Pinterest board or profile:.

Enter your Pinterest profile or board URL as prompted.

To get either URL, first go to Pinterest homepage , and then:

For profile/user’s URL, click on your profile icon on top right hand corner of the page.

For Board URL, click on a board from your board lists.

Now Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar, paste it into the text field and hit Enter key.

A preview of the widget will appear underneath the builder. You can customize the image size, widget width and height via Advance Settings. The default image size is 92px, widget height is 175px and widget width is set to fit in the widget container.

Once you’re done customizing, you’ll be given two codes. One code is a HTML link, something similar to this:

and the other one is the a Pinterest script:

Adding the Pinterest Widget to Blogger

Go to Layout in Your blogger dashboard > Select Add A Gadget and select HTML Javascript gadget.

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Copy the HTML link and the Pinterest script in Steps above and paste it inside the content box then save your settings.

With the above Steps you have successfully added a new Pinterest Widget to your blogger website:

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