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Lara George Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Biography Of Lara George And Her Net Worth

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LARA GEORGE BIOGRAPHY: In the recent years, the gospel singer Lara George has won the hearts of Nigerian people all over the country with her beautiful and clear singing along with touching lyrics. This singer is widely considered to be the pride of Nigeria. Like any other singer, Lara George had to go through long and bumpy road to success. What was it like for this gentle, yet strong and confident woman?

The Lara George Biography, History, Networth And Education Star

Lara George was born into a regular family in Lagos state. She was the fourth of five children to her parents. She attended Queens College, Lagos, and at the tim
e, even though she was a member of the school’s choir who was greatly admired for her beautiful voice, she never knew she would pursue a musical career.

She then went on to study architecture in the University of Lagos. However, during her days in the university, she began to see herself as a potential talented singer. She joined a campus fellowship choir, where sh
e sang together with other students.

Lara George Biography, History, Networth And Education Star

She was lucky enough to become a member of the musical group Kush, which also included artists like Dapo Torimiro, Emem Ema and Ty Bello; they are all close friends who met on campus. Their mus
ic was influenced by western tunes and fetched them a lot of fans and achievements all over Nigeria. Unfortunately, the group was later disbanded, but for Lara George, it was only the beginning of her path to fame and success.

Lara George music and influence

After the band broke up, Lara took a break from music to get her thoughts together and understand which kind of music she would like to produce in order to be successful and not lose her own spark. The start of Lara’s solo car
eer was celebrated with the release of her first album in 2007 called “Forever in My Heart”. This album included a song which became an absolute hit among her fans – “Ijoba Orun”.

Music critics pointed out that Lara might be a ris
ing star and people are lucky to be witnessing her first steps to absolute success in the Nigerian music industry. She quickly gathered all the biggest awards in Nigeria including Best Vocals Female at the Hip Hop World Awards and Best Gospel Act at the N
igeria Entertainment Awards 2008. Nigeria Music Awards also crowned her Voice of the Year.

Following the huge success of her first album and single, she went on working hard on her next solo album, which was called “Lara George” and included a lot of hits like “Kolebaje” and “Halleluyah”. For this album,
Lara collaborated with some of the most famous Nigerian producers like Wole Adesanya and Wole Oni, along with help from American producer Jeff Taylor, who worked with worldwide famous artists like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson etc. Apart from the produc
ers, some well-known Nigerian artists like Lord of Ajasa and Pat Uwaje King were also featured on her album.

Lara herself defined her music direction as ethnic contemporary or urban, with some elements of salsa, soul music and hip
-hop. This album’s videos received a lot of nominations at the Nigeria Music Video Awards, including Best Gospel Video, Best Use of Special Effects, and Best Use of Animation. With the arrival of the second album, Lara officially became one of the most lo
ved gospel music singers all over Nigeria.

Below Are Lara George Albums

  • Lara George The Medley Album
  • Lara George Love Nwantintin
  • Lara George Forever In My Heart
  • Lara George Higher
  • Lara George A Slice of Heaven

Her next album, “HIGHER – the Dansaki album”, which was released in 2012 has achieved success as well, becoming the classic of Nigerian gospel music. Lara George herself became nominated for Crystal Awards in the Song of the Year and Female Gospel Artiste of the Year categories. Later, in London, at the Africa Gospel Music Awards annual ceremony, she was awarded the Female Artiste of the Year 2012.

Since 2013 she has won different nominatio
ns including Nigerian Female Vocalist of the Year; she however did not stop working, She released two albums in 2014, “Love Nwantintin” and “The Medley Album”, and another one in 2017 titled “A Slice of Heaven”. Apart from original music, Lara George also
does covers of famous songs. In 2015, she successfully covered Adele’s worldwide hit song “Hello”.

Nowadays, she is one of the most influential singers in Nigeria and is part of the reasons for popularizing gospel music and promo
ting faith in God among Nigerian people. Lara is not overwhelmed with her success and says gospel music direction is not a style but a whole way of life for her.

Below Lara George Music/Songs

  • Lara George Dansaki
  • Lara George Ijoba Orun
  • Lara George Ko Le Baje
  • Lara George Ko Ma Si
  • Lara George Halleluyah
  • Lara George Higher
  • Lara George Mu Mi De Le
  • Lara George A Yin O
  • Lara George A New Day
  • Lara George Eyin L’Oba
  • Lara George Forever in My Heart
  • Lara George Come and Praise
  • Lara George Ti Se
  • Lara George Fig Tree
  • Lara George God of Breakthrough
  • Lara George Oba Ogo
  • Lara George Free
  • Lara George Rise
  • Lara George Imela
  • Lara George Jesus You Reign
  • Lara George Imela
  • Lara George Keeper of My Dreams
  • Lara George Chibuzor/Get up
  • Lara George I am Glad
  • Lara George Nobody Greater

Apart from her stage fame, Lara George has succeeded in her family life as well. The singer is happily married to a
lawyer, Gbenga George, who is also a music entrepreneur. She has two children with her husband – a daughter called Tiaraoluwa and a son called Adeoba Alexander.

She said that her overwhelming career once made her put off having children, however, she has learned to balance career and motherhood. The celebrity deeply cares about her family and spends every spare second with them. She says that faith h
as helped her to preserve her marriage even during the rough times. Basically, this woman is successful in every sphere of life.

Lara George says that her deep faith in God greatly helps her to release her influential songs. Sh
e is proud of calling herself a gospel artiste and says that she makes her music empowered by the word of God. She also adds that her purpose is to help people see God’s perspective on real life issues and show them that to gain great success you should w
ork hard every day and understand that your success depends on you.

Below Are Lara George Awards, Nominations And Lara George Biography

  • Won the award for the Best Female
    Vocalist at the Nigeria Music
  • Received an award for the Best
    Female Vocalist of the Year at the
    2010 Headies Award.
  • Won the award for Best Gospel
    Artist Awards given by the 2011
    Nigeria Entertainment Awards.
  • Won the Award given by the
    Gospel Music Awards in 2012 for
    the Best African Female Gospel
  • Received Award for the Trailblazer
    of the Year at the 2013 Africa
    Gospel Music Awards.
  • Received and won the award for
    the Best Female Vocalist at the
    Crystal Awards.
  • Received an Award given by the
    2014 BEN TV UK Award.
  • Received nominations for the Best
    Gospel Artiste at the 2016 KORA

Lara George’s greatest ambition is winning a Grammy Award for her high-quality music and video releases,
and knowing how this woman always puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does, we can only wish her success in all her endeavours.

Her fans think of her as a woman who inspires them every day and that is her main goal – to give them hope and encouragement through her songs. She defines her su
ccess as something that she gained with God’s help and is planning to go on conquering the worldwide scene, not just Africa.

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