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Emir Of Kano State Aliyu Babba Biography & History

Biography & Brief History Of Emir Of Kano State Aliyu Babba

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Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba was born in 1864 at the Royal palace of kano during the reign of his father Amir Abdullahi Maje karofi. He was named after his maternal grandfather. Caliph Aliyu Babba, which made him to be referred to as Malam Babba. He was very knowledgeble and charismatic leader among the sons of Amir Abdullahi Maje Karofe.

History has shown that he was a deeply learned Muslim scholar who strongly adhered to Islamic inj
uctions. He had been exceedingly close to ex-Galadima Yusuf and served as his Waziri. His ascension to the throne was planned and masterminded by ex-Galadima Yusufu, which was skillfully stage-managed by the cucanawa. After his installation at Garko, Emir Of Kano Aliyu Baba swore to fulfill all the promises and underkings earlier made by Yusufu to his supporters when Amir Tukur was defaeted.

Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba triumphantly entered kano on Wednesday 19th August 1894 after the defeat of Amir Tukur, who was forced to flee to katsina
Emirate. The effort made by the Caliph Abdu Danyen Kasko to reinstate Tukur failed woefully while Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba consolidated his position as seventh Amirul kano. With Tukur’s defeat, Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba turned his face away from sokoto and rejected the C
aliph Abdu Danyen kasko’s authority. This was the first time when kano openly cast off the authority of the Caliphate and asserted its full independence.

This act seriously weakened the position of Sokoto and taught Caliph Abdu Danyen kasko a great l
esson. But instead of learning from his political miscalculations­, the Caliph became deeply determined to punish Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba. He therefore resorted to intrigues and collaborated with the Habe of Damagaram to constantly attack kano. Despite these thr
eats, Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba remained independent and terminated kano’s political and external relationship warrior. He therefore prepared the military force at his disposal and faced the aggressiveness of sarkin Damagaram Ahmadu Maje Rinji.

The Damagaram
force successively attack kano Emirate and invaded Malikawa town in 1894, taking kano force by suprise. Consequently, the Sarkin Damagaram was repulsed by the kano force commanded by Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba. These constant military attacks continued up to 1897 w
hen Sarkin Damagaram attempted to invade Birnin kano itself but failed. Again in 1899, the Damagaram forces under the command of Ahmadu Maje Rinji returned to kano in which a serious war ensued the command of Amir Aliyu Babba who disguised himself like th
e Damagaram people.

During this military encounter, Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba slew many people of Damagaram that forced them to retreat in defeat. Apart from this, Amir Aliyu Babba was able to withstand several military invasions from Ningi who were defeated sever
al times. He continued to press the Habe Chief of Ningi, Danyaya who carefully avoided the superior military firepower of Aliyu Babba. In addition to this, kano faced a threat from Rabeh, who attempted to conquer the Emirate surrounding Borno kingdom.

This made Aliyu Babba to seek more firearms from Lokoja and Nupe people against the anticipated attack.
Fortunately, however, the attack on kano was never launched because the combined forces of Misau, Gombe and katagum halted the force of Rabeh. The reign of Amir
Aliyu Babba was brought to an end by the colonial invasion after strong resistance by the kano force on 3rd February 1903. The colonial forces crushed the brave opposition mounted by towns and villages on theirway to kano from Zaria.

The colonialist were
further confronted by courageous resistance of kanawa, which crushed with brutality and barbarism. Over a 1000 people were killed while the British suffered only 14 casualties, of whom only two were British officers. At that time, the Emir Of Kano Aliyu Babba of
kano had gone to Sokoto for the first time to pay homage to the new Caliph Muhammadu Attahiru 1 (1902- 1903) and dicuss the issue of impending colonial penetration. He was captured on his way back to kano and exiled to Lokoja where he died in 1926. Amir A
liyu Babba, who is popularly referred to as Alu Mai Sango, is highly remember in kano as an intelligent and excellent military commander.

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