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AXA Mansard Insurance Portal Adresses & Locations

What Is AXA Mansard?

AXA Mansard is investment and Insurance company and asset management service, the company is located at Santa Clara Court Plot 1412, Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria and has been founded in 06-23-1989 in history, with with minimum of 317 numbers of employees.

AXA Mansard Investments Limited (AXA MIL) is duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria as Fund/
Portfolio Managers. AXA MIL is a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Mansard Insurance Plc. a member of the AXA Group – the worldwide leader in insurance and asset management with assets under management of 157,000 employees Euros 1.4 trillion serving 103 million clients in 59 countries. A.M. Best rating for AXA Mansard is BB+.

AXA Mansard Services

Below are the list of services offer by AXA Mansard Company.

  • Insurance
  • Investment

AXA Mansard Insurance Types

Below are the list Of Insurances Offer By AXA Mansard.

  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance

AXA Mansard Investments LTD Profile

AXA Mansard Investments Limited is a multi-expert asset management company within the AXA Mansard Group, a leader in financial protection and wealth management, the company is duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC) as Fund/ Portfolio Managers.

AXA Mansard provide both local and global investment solutions for a wide variety of clients, leveraging the talent of their Fund Managers as well as their ability to access a comprehensive range of opportunities spanning all asset classes. In an increasingly volatile environment.

The company continue to build on their experience of working within the AXA Group to provide institutional and private clients with cutting edge solutions.

Their teams of experts are focused on specific asset classes where we believe we can add real value for our clients, they design and execute tailor-made strategies grounded on an objective and independent assessment of their market opportunities and clients’ constraints, with a focus on performance, liquidity and capital preservation.

AXA Mansard also believe that Responsible Investing can help deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns for theit clients over the long term.

AXA Mansard incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in their fundamental research and consider them carefully in taking investment decisions.
This is part of how they redefine investment solutions.

AXA Mansard Investment Customer Care/Contact Information

below are axa mansard investment contact number, you can also access HERE to login to axa mansard investment portal.

AXA Mansard Money Market

Axa Mansard Money Market Fund is designed for investors with low risk appetite to preserve their principal. It is flexible to allow you invest for as long as possible. Bearing in mind that It is an open – ended portfolio, it is important to note that the interest rate is per annum based on daily market performance. With as low as #2,000 naira, you can open an account.
There are no maximum investment amount.

Money Market Fund: Fact Sheet

The fundamental objective of the Fund is to provide Unit Holders with competitive income, liquidity, and security of assets through investment in a select portfolio of quality money market securities and short term government securities with tenors of less than one (1) year.

AXA Mansard Investor Profile

The AXA Mansard Money Market Fund is designed for investors with low risk appetite looking to maximize interest income in short-tenored securities. The Fund would be attractive to investors who desire a regular stream of income with minimal risk appetite.

AXA Mansard Insurance Location/Address

Santa Clara Court Plot 1412, Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria and has been founded in 06-23-1989 with with minimum of 317 numbers of employees.

AXA Mansard Insurance Contact Information

Phone Number: 01-4485482
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Type: For Profit
Last Funding Type: Secondary Market

Benefits/Advantages Of AXA Mansard

Below are the list of advantages and the benefit you will gain by using AXA Mansard Insurance Company.

Professional Management

The portfolio managers are skilled and>experienced professionals and will bring this expertise to bear in the management
of the Fund.


The Fund represents an investment>opportunity that allows investors earn steady income without substantial initial investments.

Performance Monitoring

An Investment Committee will monitor the Fund’s activities and performance on a regular basis, this one best good benefit on Axa Mansard LCP (Security Purpose).


Investors will be able to purchase and sell the Units in the Fund throughout its existence (Availability of cash over short term).


Easy accessibility to the fund via the use of electronic platforms and debit cards, transactions in the fund can be conducted via physical and electronic channels.

AXA Mansard Pension

Regardless of where you are financially, we have a strategy that’s right for you, helping you meet your current and future needs. With our pension solutions, you can grow in a targeted manner. Address the financial aspects of your retirement early on so you are free to enjoy your retirement when the time comes.

Tax Exemption

Your contribution in your account is not taxable; neither are the returns on investment in your Retirement savings account.

Financial Security

Upon retirement, you can choose to make monthly programmed withdrawals from your Retirement savings account that can take your through your retirement years.

Asset Management

Our team of experienced and professional asset managers make the best out of your savings.

Customer Support

Call center telephone: 01-4485490

AXA Mansard HMO Profile

AXA Mansard Health Limited is the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) arm of the AXA Mansard group of companies. The HMO is geared to promote her members’ wellbeing.

AXA Mansard Health Limited has restructured its operations in accordance with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) New HMO Accreditation Guidelines (‘the Guidelines’), and has in this regard, increased the Company’s share capital to N700m (Seven Hundred Million Naira) well above the N400m minimum capital required by the NHIS. It has also established functional offices in Lagos (the head office), Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu, with ongoing plans to open offices in other locations.

AXA Mansard Health has a 24-hour call center, a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, service portals at all AXA Mansard Welcome Centres nationwide and has deployed state-of-the-art technology to attain operational excellence while contributing to prompt service delivery and overcoming of challenges being encountered in the Nigerian health insurance industry. The Company is today positioned to provide optimal and effective health risk management solutions and financial services to both individuals and corporate bodies.

AXA Mansard HMO bouquet of flexible health plans is designed to suit individual needs while providing the access to quality health care and superior service delivery.

List Of Personal & Family Health Plans

  • Platinum Plus
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • EasyCare

AXA Mansard HMO Portal

Want to login to you account on Axa Mansard Health Portal? CLICK HERE

AXA Mansard HMO plans also offer you access to a carefully selected nationwide hospital network; hospital pre-booking service which saves you the hassle of long queues; out of pocket reimbursement arrangement; 24/7 Customer Contact Centre and much more.

AXA Mansard Travel Insurance In Nigeria

Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or for school.
AXA Mansard travel insurance is designed to provide cover for risks associated with travelling temporarily outside your country of residence, no matter your travel destination.

Available covers are: General (Business/Tourism) Protection, Student Protection who study in abroad and Pilgrimage (Hajj & Umrah) Protection also for Christians who want to visit Jerusalem and people who liks to visit Tourist centers on Abroad e.g United States, United Kingdom, Egypt, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Germamy, France, Kenya, etc.

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