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How To Get Thousands Of Likes On Your Facebook Posts

how to get many like on facebook posts
How To Get Thousand Of Likes On Facebook Posts

If you want to get more facebook likes on your post when ever you post content on facebook then read this article

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1. Visit www.likelo.com for facebook likes generator, After Opening The Page You Will See A Link Tagged “CLICK HERE”, Click On It, Then Click On The “Allow” Button To Authorise The Application Called Xperia On Your Facebook Account.

2. You Will See A Success Page, Then Click On The “Install” Button At The Top Of The Page, Now Press #7 If You Are Using OperaMini To View The Success Page Address, If You Are Using Other Browsers Just Copy Out The URL, The URL Will Look Like https://www.facebook.com/connect/login_ success.html#access_token=AAACempp6Ls0BAAYyHD&expires_ in=0

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3. Just Copy It, Then Go Back To The Likelo Website Homepage, Scroll Down The Page, You Will See A Box, Paste The URL Address You’ve Just Copied There Then Click Submit. You Will Be Taken To A Page Where All Your Recent Status Update Appears And A Submit Button At The Front Of Each Of The Updates, Just Click On The Submit Button. Go And Check The Facebook Update, You Would Have Gotten Up To 150 Likes on facebook, Just Keep Pressing The Submit Button To Have More Likes on facebook And Gain Popularlity, the more you do the more your facebook likes increase.

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