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17 Nupe Names And Their Meanings

The 17 Nupe Names And Their Meanings In Nupeland

17 Nupe Names And Their Meanings, How Nupe Are Call, How Nupe people call each other

17 Nupe Names In Nupe Kingdom

1. Sogba/Yebo – A child got through gods (Shrine) ~ Nupe Names

2. Shirun – A child came through uterus ~ Nupe Names

3. Ceyagi – A child who lost mother after or during birth ~ Nupe Names

4. Zanna – The father died before he/she was born ~ Nupe Names

5. Audi – A child you lost parents at infant age ~ Nupe Names

6. Gulu – Took a long time before birth (Give birth but die either instantly or shortly after birth) ~ Nupe Names

7. Kuru/Ryatwa – Took a long time before birth (Didn’t give birth at all) ~ Nupe Names

8. Bini – Came to the world through legs ~ Nupe Names

9. Guye – Came to the world with leaf ~ Nupe Names

10. Sokoeyanya o/Tsubenya – The parents expected either Baby Girl but gave birth to Boy (Yahaya/ Farahat/Maryam) ~ Nupe Names

11. Gbongbo/Gbongboroko – First birth or first being ~ Nupe Names

12. Tsoede – A child who came to the world with sign on his/her lip ~ Nupe Names

13. Edegi – A child whose father magrated before his/her birth (Ismail/Adnan/Balkisu) ~ Nupe Names

14. Gbogbori – Came to the world with fat body ~ Nupe Names

15. Kpyamu – Came to the world with slim body ~ Nupe Names

15. Teugi – Shout heavily after birth ~ Nupe Names

17. Zunyegi – Cry not after birth ~ Nupe Names


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